Memphis Social Press Release (with artist/ participants)

"Memphis Social", an apexart franchise exhibition, 2013

curated by Tom McGlynn 

May 10-18, 2013


Memphis Social is an exhibition and performance event that hopes to broaden the definitions of a socially situated art engagement.

For a current view and map, please visit our Facebook page at:


Opening Events:


Friday, May 10

Grand Opening at the Hyde Gallery, Memphis

College of Art, 5-8pm South Main and Union Avenue art

installations, noon-8pm


Saturday, May 11

Marshall Arts opening reception 5-7pm U-Dig Dance

Company Jookin’ dance off and reception at Caritas Village,



Sunday, May 12

Drumline and band presentation at Crosstown Arts, 4-6 pm


On view through May 18th at multiple sites in Memphis, Tennessee: The Hyde Gallery at the Memphis College of Art, The Cotton Museum, Marshall Arts, Crosstown Arts, and Caritas Village Community Center


Featuring work and projects by over 50 artists including:


Kara Walker, Doug Ashford, Greely Myatt, Virginia Overton, Tracey Moffatt,Chris Miner, William Pope.L, Joe Fyfe, Leon Golub, Nancy Spero, Aviva Rahmani,David Sanchez- Burr Tim Rollins, Kara Rooney, Jack Robinson, Mark Tribe and Chelsea Knight, Lester Merriweather, Stewart Home, Alex Dipple, Dwayne Butcher, Haley Morris-Cafiero, David Sandlin, Bullet Space NYC, U-Dig Dance Company,Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook William Eggleston, Joshua Azzarella, Laura Napier,Merry Alpern,,Elizabeth Dorbad, Richard Kern, Andrew Castrucci, Susan Brueghel, Alexandra Rojas, Terri Jones,Rob Van der Schoor,Eric Knoote, Jelle Kampen, Alexandra Kostrubula, Closet Gallery Stockholm, Bachrun LoMele, Jessica Lund, Matthew Garrison,Erin Jennings, Babette Shaw,Brendan Carroll, Michelle Doll,,Terri Phillips, Joy Garnett, Lisa Dahl,,Glen Garver,Mitch Epstein,Sheila Ross, Laura Ten Eyck,Norma Markely,Taylor Martin, Walter Sipser,Anton van Dalen, Quimetta Perle, Scott Lawrence, Gunars Prande, Martynka Wawrzyniak,Leo Fitzpatrick,Will Boone,John Farris, Mike Cockrill, Melvin Way, Rev. Howard Finster, Earnestine Jenkins, Max (Buck) Henri


Memphis Social is not ostensibly about Memphis, but the city as a determined social environment plays a big part in providing a rich ground for some of the social/aesthetic directions in the exhibition. Through specifically oriented performances and artwork Memphis Social will not attempt to recreate “the city” or re-enact “the social” but will

deeply consider the idea that different interpretations of society still exist, in both specific and universal ways.


For more information please contact:


 In Memphis : Katie Maish     

 In New York :Cybele Maylone




"Memphis Social" is supported by a franchise exhibition grant from apexart, with an additional event grant from the Downtown Memphis Commission. Generous donations of space, in-kind support, performance and artwork have been received by the Memphis College of Art, The Cotton Museum, Crosstown Arts, Marshall Arts, Dr. James Patterson Dr. Rushton Patterson, Pinkney Herbert, Caritas Village, Onie Johns, Tarrik Moore, U-Dig Dance Company.


Many thanks to: Steven Rand,Heather Kouris, Cybele Maylone and Julia Knight for apexart, Emily Harris Alpern and Christopher Miner at Crosstown Arts, Lisa Brumleve, Dawn Vinson and Leslie Gower at the Downtown Memphis Commission, Haley Morris- Cafiero and Catherine Blackwell Pena for the Memphis College of Art, Greeley Myatt, Earnestine Jenkins and Richard Lou of the University of Memphis Art Department


Special thanks to the project's arts administrator, Ms. Katie Maish, whose energy, logistical expertise and guidance have greatly contributed to the coordination and success of the exhibition.